As the owner of a growing business, you have increasing responsibilities and priorities in order to become more successful. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or that time is getting away from you, consider taking time to review. Time Management is a key factor for Business Owners

Write down every task you have worked on over a couple of days, and how long each took. Be honest and thoughtful in this process – review what you accomplished at the end of each day, and ask yourself if everything was done was a priority and what you wish you had more time for.

Once you have a feel for how long certain tasks take, begin making a calendar of your goals and priorities for the week. This can be completed on a Friday or Sunday for the following week. Planning your calendar ahead with specific projects and timeframes allows for you to see what you have time for, and then move these around based on what is most important. By scheduling your days and following a few guidelines, you can more effectively manage your time and be in control of your days.

Time Management for Business Owners

Be flexible

Once you begin using your weekly calendar, recognize that this does not need to be set in stone. While it is important to follow your schedule, allow time for unexpected chats or breaks. Schedules can be shuffled around as long as you understand what will change if you do something tomorrow or even next week.

Give yourself a break

By giving yourself a break, you can recharge, refresh, and come back more ready than ever. If you are sluggish or unfocused, sitting at your desk or making phone calls is not going to rejuvenate you. Go on a coffee run, take a walk, or even take a quick nap – this can get you back to your prime and allow you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

Review long-term goals

This does not need to happen every week, but give yourself a couple of hours occasionally to brainstorm and refresh. Think about your overarching goals and how you are going to accomplish them, and decide what’s working and what isn’t. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture is always helpful.

Keep organized

You have a lot of responsibilities to remember, and staying organized helps make sure you are not forgetting about anything. Use a calendar, keep files organized in physical and digital folders, set reminders for bills and other weekly tasks, and talk with other business owners about what they do to keep everything coordinated.

Recognize when you need help

It is easy to think you can take on more than you can, or that you have more time than you do. If your business starts to grow, recognize what areas you could use some help with, and then hire contractors to work on an as-needed basis. Contractors typically have years of experience in their particular industry, and they can become a trusted advisor to you and help with your increasing duties and responsibilities.