Meet Mari, Director of Operations at RektioWe value relationships just as much as providing world-class support for accounting and business operations. To that effort, we are excited to welcome Mari Sandifer to our team as Director of Marketing & Business Development. Mari has more than 25 years of corporate finance experience and business operations. She holds a BS degree in Marketing and an MBA in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Her CPA license is inactive (and morbidly obese). She is looking forward to working with our current clients and seeking new accounting and business services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Mari shares Director Operations her journey to Rektio in the following essay

I didn’t know what the meeting was going to be about, but I knew the connector – which made the context moot.  That’s how I got this job. It started with a blog post I wrote in 2018 about leaving the corporate finance professionals to start a marketing business. This post caught the eye of a friend of mine from high school named John. He thought I should meet a friend of his, Andrew, who owns a marketing firm so he introduced us virtually. Fast forward to about two years…

I made a post in the summer of 2019 that shared with readers the angst of business ownership and that I was now looking for a job in marketing. When this Andrew had coffee with one of his clients, Rex, my name came to mind when discussing the personnel needs of his 3-year-old bookkeeping company.

Within one week of Andrew and Rex’s meeting, I was part of his organization. Rex contacted me through LinkedIn and we met for coffee. I had no idea what the meeting was going to be about, only that he had gotten my name from Andrew. Enough said. John is a good man. Andrew is a good man. So by the transitive property, Rex is a good man as well.  And now he is my employer. That’s called “getting in through the back door.”

And that’s what it’s all about these days. Have you ever tried to wade through resumes submitted through Indeed? You’ll be lucky to give 35 seconds to each before your eyes start to cross. More and more business owners are allowing their network to vet potential employees for them.

So, that’s how I got here. Because someone who knows someone I went to high school with told someone in his network about me. It took almost two years for the connection to bear any fruit. Or did it? I believe the connection was a success when I first met Andrew two years ago – because we understood what each was trying to accomplish in their work. Because I always felt encouraged when he “liked” one of my Facebook posts. Because we are born for community and it isn’t always about “what you can do for me.” But rather “how can our interaction leave you feeling better off than before it occurred.”

Mari and the team at Rektio Accounting provide business and accounting services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Rektio can help your business operate more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more.