CEO Notes: Isn’t it great to be extraordinary?

Who comes up with a product concept that will solve a problem for future clients, conducts thorough competition and trademark research, chooses a company name, and legally incorporates it?

Who gets necessary patents, copywrites, permits, licenses and trademarks, obtains a tax ID, sets up a bank account, secures capital, creates a budget and business plan, buys proper insurance and secures workspace?

Who purchases a URL, gets a website built, choses a logo, tag line, font and colors, and perfects the elevator pitch, improves it, rinse and repeat?

Who considers legal ramifications, financing options, sales and marketing, intellectual property protection, liability protection, and human resource issues?

Who hires employees, manages them, and sets up a file retention system for financial statements, employee records, board and stockholder minutes, tax filings and records, Secretary of State filings, invoices and contracts, banking information, and creditor records?

Who learns to read financial statements, create content marketing, become a salesperson, network graciously, read contracts & leases, and become a public speaker while focusing on superb customer service? Who pivots when necessary and perseveres despite rejection?

Who does these things?

You do.

Because you are extraordinary.

We see you. And we love your monkey mind. You have enough on your plate without having to worry about bookkeeping, payroll, paying bills and filing taxes. We can help because that’s all we do. Our favorite thing is freeing business owners up to do what they do best: solve problems, develop their employees and give back to their community.

Your brain is different, or you wouldn’t have decided to start your own business. You do not accept the status quo. You have a spirit that does not shy away from forging a new path. Your comfort zone actually makes you uncomfortable. You love people. You make genuine connections and seek always to solve the problems of others first. This is what makes you and your business so successful. Your generosity of spirit.

You notice things that others miss. And you see potential in both people and things before it becomes obvious to all. You are able to make new connections between things that were previously thought to be unconnected. You are an original thinker and problem solver. You see the possibilities and they excite you!

What excites us?

Turning our passion for accounting into an active and proactive tool for successful results for your company. We like getting ahead of potential problems before they become something that keeps you up at night. Because you need your sleep.

Your business is more than numbers on a financial statement. It represents your dreams, the livelihood of your family and that of your employees, and your legacy. Yet accounting should be a strategic part of your business, not something that is handled only at year-end.

Let us help. You continue to be the visionary that you are, and we will help with strategic accounting that will affect your business positively.

Rektio Accounting provides business and accounting services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Rektio can help your business operate more efficiently. Contact us today to learn more. 

Rex Biggs

Rex Biggs | Founder

Rex founded Rektio Accounting in 2014 after serving in various public accounting roles that included IT Technician, Tax Accountant, Controller and CFO. He holds a BS degree in Informatics and Accounting from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and an active CPA license.

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