Fishers marketing agency leaves business operations to Rektio
Fishers marketing agency leaves business operations to Rektio

Andrew Curtis, President, Fuel VM  

Location: Fishers, Ind.  

Profile: Specializes in marketing, branding, strategy and web design. Fuel VM helps organizations worldwide increase customer engagement.   

Our Challenge 
As our client list expanded, a second pair of eyes was needed to focus on the mechanics of the company. It’s exciting when your company is growing, but a new challenge arises where the owner cannot address client needs and focus on continued business development while managing many layers of financial operations.   

Before Rektio, I didn’t have a backup to ensure financial matters were handled timely. Rektio stepped in and became our company’s business team. Rex and his team now manage most of our business needs from taxes to payroll. They handle financial tasks with a level of speed and accuracy that would have taken me weeks to fit in my schedule.  

Rektio can help your business operate more efficiently. Contact us today to get started.


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