Outsourced CFO/Controller

The traditional role of a CFO has changed significantly over the years. While it is still necessary for a CFO to have the financial acumen to make sound prudent business decisions, the role in today’s environment is much more. For many the role of the CFO ends with presenting financial statements to decision makers. While this is an important function and will allow operating managers to draw conclusions about pricing and sales it should not be the end of the CFO’s role. Real insight is gained when your CFO takes an active role in shaping the strategy of your organization. If you look at the definition of accounting it is supposed to be the basis for financial decisions. So presenting financial statements is not the end of the CFO’s job. It is a means to the end. Our job is to partner with you. Our outsourced CFO service is designed to work alongside you to guide your organization and take ownership in the success of your business.

Outsourced Bookkeeping

For most organizations the book keeping function is necessary and a non-revenue generating function of their organization. In our experience it typically is a position that experiences higher turnover, little to no redundancy and is often performed by someone less than qualified. We aim to significantly reduce the headaches when it comes to the book keeping of your organization. We work smarter using cloud-based technology to streamline your accounting department. This not only will save you time and money it will also produce better, timely more accurate accounting records.

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